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Latest version

V 1.0.5

Accept Google Pay payments via Stripe.

Accept credit and debit card payments via Stripe or Verifone.

Option to change the colors of the admin area.

Option to change the logos in the admin area and set a logo on the payment page.

Option to include custom CSS and JS files in the admin area.

Fixed bug related to WordPress resource loading.

Fixed bug related to the currencies list.

Fixed bug related to WordPress conflicts with other JS scripts.

Fixed bug related to direct payment page.

Reporting and accounting tools.

Option to add your ERC-20 token to the supported cryptocurrencies for payments.

Option to force payment in a specific cryptocurrency via URL.

Added support for 'Algorand', 'Tether', 'USD Coin', 'Basdic Attention Token', 'Chainlink', 'Shiba Inu' cryptocurrencies.

Removed the JQuery dependency.

Nalances are now linked to the explorers.

Transactions are now linked to the explorers.

New PHP API function 'bxc_settings_db()'.

Fixed bug related to WooCommerce checkout.

Fixed bug related to Blockchain explorers.

Fixed bug related to Dogecoin transactions.

Fixed issue related to transactions pagination.

Boxcoin V 1.0.0 released.