Sell Boxcoins to your customers under your own brand, domain, and pricing

SaaS Version

  • Set your pricing and your membership plans
  • Use your own domain and branding
  • Install it on your server
  • The shop app is included
  • Ready to use payment and invoicing system
  • License to copy and use our website

How It Works

1. Purchase the Extended License

Purchase the Extended License here.

2. Download the cloud version of Boxcoin

After the purchase, download the cloud version of Boxcoin here.

3. Complete the setup and start selling!

Inside the package, you will find the installation guide, start with docs-self-hosted-installation.pdf. The installation is complex and technical. We do not provide free support or assistance with it. For a fee of 150 USD, you can hire us to install it for you. Server Requirements: PHP 8+, MySQL 5.6+, dedicated server or VPS. Server min optimal resources: 1GB RAM, 1 CPU, 10GB SSD. Alternatively, you can choose the cheaper reseller version, which is fully managed by us.

More Information

Managed by you

You will have to manage the hosting, installation, setup, maintenance, and updates of your Boxcoin business. These tasks require technical knowledge. Alternatively, you can choose the cheaper reseller version, which is fully managed by us.

Full customization power

The SaaS version is hosted on your servers and you have access to the source code. You can fully customize it and add new features.

Resell by purchasing Regular Licenses

Keep in mind that you can also resell Boxcoin by purchasing a Regular License for each of your clients. In such a case you do not need the Saas or Reseller version. You will have to make a new dedicated installation of the Boxcoin PHP or WP version for each of your clients. If you buy 10+ licenses, you will get a 50% discount for both Boxcoin and the apps.

Credits system

In order to use Boxcoin, customers must buy credits. The default transaction fee is set at 0.08%, but it can be modified. When the credits are finished, the checkouts will stop working and the customers will have to purchase new credits to start accepting again new payments. Customers will be able to purchase credits via Boxcoin from the customer area.


All languages are supported. You have the ability to choose a default language other than English.


To see a demo of the customers area, register for a free account on our SaaS version at Your one will have the same functionalities, but with your branding. With the reseller dashboard, you can manage your customers, credits, and more. While there is no demo available, we can provide you with screenshots: .