Supercharge your crypto payments

A Complete Platform for Crypto Payments

An easy-to-use, comprehensive crypto payments platform for your business. Boxcoin manages the payment process from start to finish. Start selling in minutes. Easy setup.

Boxcoin features

Decentralized Payment System

No third-party services, no registration, no know-your-customer process or periodic identity verification. No risk of account suspension. No volume limits. You are entirely in control of your money.

  • No third-party services
  • You are the only one in control of your money

No Fees, No Recurring Payments

Traditional payment providers charge transaction, withdrawal, and conversion fees as well as monthly fees, which increase over time. Boxcoin is a one-time purchase. Use it forever with no additional cost.

  • One-time payment
  • Lifetime license
  • Use it forever with no additional cost

Custom blockchain

Use Your Own Nodes

Use your own Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin nodes to explore the Blockchain to verify transactions, check balances, and generate payment addresses. You only need a unified JSON API.

  • Use your own Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin nodes
  • Easy to use. Docs here

Redundant Blockchain Explorers

If you don't use your own nodes, that's fine! Boxcoin is powered by 3 to 5 redundant Blockchain explorers for each cryptocurrency. If one fails or reaches the limit, another explorer is used automatically.

  • Fault-tolerant software
  • 99.999% uptime
  • Powered by Memepool, Etherscan, Dogechain and more
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ERC 20

Support for ERC-20 Tokens

Start accepting payments in your ERC-20 token in a few clicks. Unlisted tokens (custom tokens) are also supported. You just have to enter a some details like the token name and the symbol and that's it!

  • Accept payments in your ERC-20 token
  • No setup required

Other Benefits

Migrate to cryptocurrency for unparalleled advantage.

0% Failure Rate

More than 15% of payments made via Visa and Mastercard are declined. Cryptocurrency payments never fail and you never lose a sale.

No Chargebacks

Chargebacks are a thing of the past. Cryptocurrency payments are irreversible. Once you get paid, rest assured you won't loseit.

Literally Global

Traditional payments often fail in developing countries. With crypto currency, you can receive payments from customers anywhere in the world.

Credit and Debit Card Payments

Give your customers the ability to pay via credit or debit card payments and Google Pay and maximize the success rate of the transaction. You will never lose a customer due to payment problems again.

  • Accept credit or debit card payments via Stripe or 2Checkout
  • Accept Google Pay via Stripe
Payment card

Conversion and transfer

Instant Transfer and Conversion

Instantly and automatically transfer the transaction cryptocurrency amount sent to a dynamic address on your wallet or convert it to FIAT currencies like USD, EURO, GBP, AUD, SGD, HKD and others.

  • Instant transfers to your wallet
  • Instant FIAT conversion
  • Powered by Gemini exchange
  • Enhanced security

Address Generation

Generate a new and unique cryptocurrency address for each transaction and never fail a transaction again, even if the amount sent by the user is wrong. This feature is powered by Gemini exchange.

  • Generate an unique address for each transaction
  • Detect underpaid and overpaid transactions
Address generation



Collect billing details at checkout and allow the user to create a PDF invoice for their purchase. Create a custom invoice directly from the admin area or via URL in seconds.

  • Invoices in PDF format
  • Collect billing details at checkout


Boxcoin is fully multilingual, with RTL direction and translations in 41 languages. Boxcoin automatically detects the user language and sets the RTL accordingly. You can add new translations as well.

  • Already translated to 41 languages
  • Option to easily add new translations
  • Automatic language detection and RTL

Secure checkout


Security is critical here at Boxcoin. The payment process parts managed by Boxcoin, like the purchase confirmation webhook, or the checkout creation, are encrypted and developed with security in mind.

  • Address whitelist feature
  • AES-256-bit encryption
  • Latest security technologies
  • Periodic security audits

Transaction Reporting

Export all your transaction activity. You can filter transactions by date, status, cryptocurrency, keywords and more and download a CSV file of your transaction history with one click.

  • Filter by date, status, cryptocurrency, keywords and more
  • Download CSV


Beautiful Checkouts

Boxcoin has a beautiful, user-friendly design. Multiple checkout designs are available, including inline, pop-up, hidden, and dedicated pages. Change colors with one click and use CSS for further customization.

  • Inline, pop-up, hidden, and page checkouts
  • Change colors with one click
WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads Integration

Do you have a WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads shop? Use the WordPress version and give your customers the ability to pay for purchases in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It's fast, automatic, and simple. Click here to try the WooCommerce live demo.

For WooCommercer or Easy Digital Downloads shops
Multilingual and Integrated with WPML and Polylang
Show Custom Checkouts via WordPress Shortcodes
WooCommerce Crypto Payment Gateway


Developer Friendly

Built with developers in mind, Boxcoin is the most customizable crypto payment solution in the market.

Developer API

Our API, Webhooks and Events for PHP, and JS makes it easy to customize Boxcoin for your needs.

License To Customize

Both regular and extended licenses provide you with the legal rights to customize Boxcoin.

Clean and Well-Written Code

The Boxcoin PHP, JS and CSS code is well-written, organized and documented. No frameworks are used.


Arm your shop with the right tools and increase sales and revenues.

Unlimited Transactions / Second

From ~ 50 transactions per second for free, to 100, 400 or more by connecting explorers like Blockdeamon.


Accept crypto donations securely via a button on your website, a link on social, or a QR code at events.

Dynamic Checkouts

Create dynamic checkout forms via URL or HTML code on the fly. For more details visit the docs or click here.


Both checkout and admin area are fully responsive and optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Automatic Updates

Boxcoin can automatically update itself when a security or minor release is available.

QR Code

A QR code containing the cryptocurrency address to send the payment to is generated automatically.


Server-side performance is outstanding, and there is less than 5KB of client-side JS code! It is lightweight and fast.

White Label

White label crypto payment gateway. Both the checkout and admin areas can be branded with your logo.

Coming Soon

Boxcoin is constantly updated and more features will be released soon. Check the change log regularly!

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Get paid in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Algorand, and ERC-20 tokens. More cryptocurrencies will be available coming soon.











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